Hello, my name is Jacob Le Gallais. 

I am a visual artist and educator based in Montreal QC. I have a strong orientation towards education and research through the process of research creation. My artwork, teaching, and research practice seek to foster communities of collaborative engagement, collective teaching, and to encourage an understanding of the multifaceted-practices of arts-based learning. I believe strongly in taking a constructivist approach to education, based on the reciprocity of knowledge and information between “teacher” and “learner”; roles that I view as blurred and interchangeable. I believe learning is an inherently social process, in which all knowledge is acquired through social discourse and interaction, and always drawn from experience. I seek to move the process of education away from the traditional “transmission method,” and towards situations where we learn together through discourse, experience, and most importantly, through making and collaborating.

In 2018 I completed my Masters Degree in Art Education at Concordia University. My thesis ‘Dead of Alive: Animal Bodies in the Museum’ examined the the cultural, historical and contemporary display of taxidermied animal bodies in museum spaces. My thesis explored the wider issues of the human-animal relationship, combining participatory in situ museum art making (through an intervention staged at McGill University’s Redpath Museum) and studio-based research-creation (resulting in a series of artworks embodying my collective research). In addition to my MA, I hold a BFA in Art History (2013) from Concordia University and a DEC Studio Arts from Dawson College.

My other projects, both solo and collaborative, have investigated a variety of subjects, including the notion of post-industrial ecology, urban wildlife, historic and contemporary museum culture and experiential learning. I have worked in community and institutional settings, including an artist residency with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) co-created educational audio-installation artworks for the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace, and serving as Curatorial Assistant for Contemporary Art at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2010-2011). My artwork has been exhibited in Quebec and Ontario in both solo and group exhibitions.



 Dead or Alive   Four Artworks Re:Imagine   Right to the City


Contact & CV

Jacob Le Gallais
6255 Sherbrooke Street West, Apt. 5
Montreal, QC, H4B 1M6

Phone: 514-979-5585
E-mail: jacoblegallais@gmail.com


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