Four Artworks in Search of Peace

Four Artworks in Search of Peace is an audio walk created for the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with artists Melissa Tamporello and Emma Harake, under the supervision of Kathleen Vaughan Ph.D.. This audio walk enables museum visitors to experience the MMFA'S Pavilion for Peace through a dynamic and atmospheric sound experience. Four Artworks in Search of Peace engages with the museum collection in a manner akin to a sound-installation artwork, drawing connections between the museum and notions of peace, with sensual engagement promoting social engagement.

    'Sunday in the Backwoods of Canada' - Thomas Faed 'Meat and Fish Market' - Lucas van Valckenborch

                        'Sunday in the Backwoods of Canada'                                                          'Meat and Fish Market'  
                                           Thomas Faed                                                                                      Lucas van Valckenborch

                             'Still life with game suspended on hooks' Frans Snyders La Bacchante aux Roses

                                       'Still life with game suspended on hooks'                          'La Bacchante aux Roses'
                                                             Frans Snyders                                                            Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux





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